About Health 365 – A blog by ClearHealth CEO David Uhlman

We all know that American health care is a mess. In fact, much more than a mess, it’s a catastrophe unfolding on a daily basis. It’s crushing our economy, harming and neglecting many more patients than just through unavoidable error, and ignoring perhaps as much as 40% of our total population. Having been in the industry now for nearly a decade, I have seen providers and patients pull together through incredible odds to achieve outstanding care in the worst of circumstances. I’ve also seen situations with almost unlimited funds descend into carelessness and neglect, and insurance companies and bureaucracies rain down chaos on otherwise excellent care. With the full weight of the economic crisis coming hard on many, an ever greater number will lose insurance coverage and forgo preventative treatments, only to enter the revolving door of overloaded emergency rooms and acute-only responses. I think we are very close to a bottom, where America spends almost twice as much as any other country (10-15% of our total GDP) per capita for a level of care barely above that of Tunisia, Paraguay or the Seychelles islands.

However all is not lost. A new administration has stepped in, and while the recent ARRA stimulus bill leaves much to be desired, it does open doors to opportunity for real change, and it is hopefully a first initial step rather than a final word. It is always very easy to criticize health care but much harder to propose practical solutions. That is the purpose of this blog, to propose candid, practical, specific and probably sometimes controversial ideas to resolve these real problems plaguing our nation’s health. Each day I present a new idea based on my own experience as well as that of our customers and contributors. I look forward to engaging in this conversation and your feedback is both appreciated and vital to the effort.

– David Uhlman

Customer Happiness Guru & CEO

ClearHealth Inc.

ClearHealth is the leading provider of Open Source Healthcare systems servicing more than 800 institutions and 4 million patients world-wide, more information can be found at http://www.clear-health.com .


2 responses to “About Health 365 – A blog by ClearHealth CEO David Uhlman

  1. Hi, I feel blessed right now to be in the medical coverage program that my family uses. I’m not naming names. It’s not about which plan I use right now, but if future changes in “health care” in general will change what I currently have? I recognize that there is a need for change, and that there is going to be change, but what if a family is satisfied now?

    • The reality is the the status quo is not nearly as safe as many people with existing coverage believe it to be. Just recently we saw the insurance industry admit that it rescinds “only” 0.5% of policies, sounds small right? As it turns out that means insurers are rescinding (canceling) 50% of policies with single event costs over $35,000. Think you are covered because you have been paying premiums all these years, think again. In the past 5 years costs for your existing coverage have doubled or even tripled and perhaps if your insurance comes through an employer those increases have been shielded from view. Those costs will continue to rise until your employer has to either continue to reduce benefits or eliminate coverage entirely, that is the future if nothing is done.

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